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(October 8, 2014 - February 23, 2015)
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Student Membership
Expiring 12/31/15
William Gilbert

Individual Membership 
Expiring 12/31/15
Sally Allen
John L. Amrhein, Jr.
Denise Everhart Barnes
Hannah Boston
Mark Bradley
William Brownlee
Maj. M.R.Buhls
Hannah D. Burgess
Charlotte Burian
Lorraine Howard Burrus
Flavia Burton
Ann Calandro
Allan Casavant
Claire Catherwood
Marc Cubeta
Claudia Daniel
Jean DeBarth
Billy Dowdy
Ann S. Ehringhaus
Janice Ellinwood
Euphemia Ennis and Cora Burrus
Kevin Farmer
Jim Fineman
Jean Finnegan
Anita Fisher Fletcher
John Fletcher
John Fulford
William F. Fulford
Felicity Gage
Judith G. Garrish
Walter P. Garrish
Clayton Gaskill
A. Charles Hassell
Christine Hendel
Sands Hetherington
Aimee Hill
Claudia Horwitz
Lindsey Howard
Ryland J. Hughes Jr.
Benjamin Hynes
Frances Inglis
Celia Isbrecht
Patricia M. Kelly
William L. Kostar
John J. Lavin Jr.
Lloyd Lewis
Michael Lindley
Roxanne Marshburn
Carolyn McClain
Juanita McLane
Marguerite Mehalick
Carl E. Mitchell
Leroy O'Neal
Outer Banks History Center "Stick Fund"
Dianne Pettit
Henry A. Raup
Joyce Reynolds
David Senseney
Rika Simmons
Katherine E. Slaughter
Alfred Smith
Lori Sobel
Christine Stafford
Eileen Stephens
Jacquelyn Stone (Joko Art)
Susan E. Stuck
Beverly Sullivan
Takahashi-Oakland Family
Doug Tanner
Beck Tench
Hilary Terjesen
Mary "Dallie" Howard Turner
Rusty (John C.) Vaughan
Randy Vines
Phyllis Wall
John Walli
Leslie Whitten
Emilie Wilkes
Ruth J. Wilson
Bill Wingfield
Gabriele Wolverton

Family, Org/Business Membership 
Expiring 12/31/15
Margaret and Michael Adams
Jerry and Nancy Aldridge
John and Diane Alexanderson
Penny Arrowood
Thomas E. Baxter III
Gene and Kay Baynor
Ann and Jim Borland
Gennie and Carl Bose
Connie and Ed Bowlin
Marcy Brenner and Lou Castro
Dee and Dale Buck
Zillies - David Bundy
Karen and Barry Burgan
Alita and Dennis Carroll
James A. Cavenaugh
Ride The Wind/The Chestnut Family
Maureen and Vinnie Ciancio
Jim and Linda Cole
Glen and Doris Conyers
Jimmy Creech and Chris Weedy
Edward and Jeanne Downing
David and Gina Eberly
Belva Finley
Cindy and David Forbes
John and Carole Fruehstorfer
Mrs. Sydney Snell Fulford
Ronald and Barb Gibson
John and Mary Ellen Golden
Jane Griffin
John Haddad
Tom and Judy Hale
Bobby and Deloris Harrell
Thomas and June Hencke
Cindy and Martin Hichens
Amy and David Hilton
Sundae Horn and Rob Temple
Liz and Chuck Hotchkiss
Philip Howard and Lou Ann Homan
Hyde County Historical and Genealogical Soc
Donna Inkster and Lynn Russell
Liz and Joe Jacob
Stephen and Sharon Jacob
David C. John and Sherri Philpott
Stephen Johnson and Deborah Luxenberg
Geoff and Anne Johnston
Lynda and Ted Jordan
Cindy Kal and David Forbes
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Kane II
Lee Kimball and R. Tucker Scully
Edward King
Cornelius and Mary Klots
Elisabeth and John Knapp
Robert Kornegay
Malcolm and RoseAnne Kroeber, Jr
Connie Leinbach
John Leino
James and Marcella Litle
Joelle and George Logue
John and Cindy MacKethan
Sue Marshall and Richard Chamberlain
Marci and Charlie Mason
Lisa and Dan McBride Family
Bruce and Jean McGraw
David Mickey
Art Mines and Elizabeth Dyer Family
Brenda and Charles Moosbrugger
Bob and Kathy Morrow
Pam and Nollie Neill, Jr.
Ocracoke Coffee Company
Earl O'Neal Jr.
Mark O'Neal Family
Robert and Lisa Otten
Bill and Liz Pemberton
Ryan and Laci Pemberton
Patti and Frank Phelps
James and Vicki Pierson
Mary Ellen and Jim Piland
Bart and Bernita Potts
J. Milton Read, Jr. Family
Karen and Gary Rightmire
Vincent and Jane Rockel
Martha Rogers and Janet Moore
Joanne and Carlos Rosario
Anna Rucker
The Schramel Family
Dr. Nan Scott
John and Helen Sharpnack
Kelley Shinn
Russell and Judith Shunk
Janet and Jay Sigler
Jean and Ken Skipper
Joe and Jane Srail
Patricia Stevens
The Rainey Stolp Family
George and Bonnie Stuber
Owen and Marilynn Sutton
Mario Tamez Family
Robert and Ruth Toth
Robin and Bobby Turner
Steve and Pat Tweedie
Daniel and Kathy Vieyra
Nick and Bonnie Vrettos
Helen and Richard Waldrop
Jill and Bob Wallace
Ed and Betty Webster
Mollie Weinert
Kathleen A. and David Weiss
T.L. Grace West and Henry Schliff
Gary and Gwendolyn Wilkins
Stewart and Roberta Young

Memberships Beyond 2015
​Nelson Baitzel 2016
Ben Mayo Boddie 2016
Nancy Carlson 2016
Brian and Jo-Ellen Catto 2016
Genevieve and Serge Gracovetsky 2016
Gael Hawkins 2016
Greg and Eden Honeycutt 2016
Susan B. Horton 2016
Bob Jester 2016
Polly Pettit 2016
Kevin and Karen Prykull 2016
Nancy Reynolds 2016
Ursula Shears 2016
Tracy Smith 2016
Peter and Roberta Szydlo 2016
Dr. Joseph and Margo Babb 2017
Dr. William V. Burlingame 2017
Claire Gentry 2017
Mildred Hayes 2017
Ann Parker 2017
Thomas R. Pickering 2017

Lifetime Members
Stewart and Carla Aly
Finley Austin
Back Porch Restaurant
Mrs. David L. Beveridge
Woody and Terri Billings
Scott Bradley
F.L. and Maxine Britt
Jean Burke
Elizabeth and George Chamberlin
Candice Cobb and Vickie Cobb
Barry Collier
Scott and Kathy Cottrell
Donald and Merle Davis
Trisha and Gary Davis
Richard Dodd and Cheryl Grandfield
Susan Dodd and David Davenport
Jack Dudley, D.D.S.
H. Renwick Dunlap
Eugenia Esham
George and Sarah Fore
Alfred and Mary Jo Gilbert
Brant and Beverly Godfrey
Jack Spencer Goodwin
Mike Hammett
Elizabeth L. Hanrahan
Thomas and Margaret Hartman
C. Felix Harvey
Mike Healey
Joshua F. Henson, DDS
Emy and John Hinnant
Julia Howard
Stephanie and Larry Ihle
Richard and Janey Jacoby
Carol and Jefferey Jernigan
Bill and Lida Jones
Alex Kotarides
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Lampe, Jr.
Karen Lovejoy and Dave Frum
Charles and Jean McDermott
Keith and Isabelle McDermott
Margret McGann
Leonard and Beverly Meeker
Edward and Susan Norvell
Michael Parlier
Gregory D. Pawelski
Carroll and Andy Preston
Raylan and Ruth Roetman
Robert Roy Family, USN Beach Jumpers Unit 6
Anne Runyon and Rick Peifer
John and Gloria Runyon
Al and Linda Scarborough
Eric and Sally Schwoeppe
Norvell and Mary Ruth Scott
Chris, Miriam and Roanan Scott
Betty L. Shotton and Chris Hyland
Alan and Nina Skinner
Willis H. Slane and Caroline Chiles
U.S. Navy Beach Jumpers Assoc.
Peter, Mary and Michael Vankevich
Kati Wharton
Larry Williams
Roland and Joanne Williams
Walt Wolfram
Katharine Woodwell
Gift Memberships Purchased for 2015
​Ann and Jim Borland
Earl W. O'Neal Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Rosario
Kelley Shinn
Alan and Nina Skinner
Takahashi-Oakland Family
Kathleen A. and David Weiss
Note: We do our very best to report accurate information so please contact us with any corrections.